Writing business words is as much about science as it is creativity.

When I meet a client for the first time, I go to great lengths to get this message across; business words are alchemy, they are a mix of science and creativity and one does supersede the other.

I even add some teaser word science ideas while I’m there to illustrate my point. You see, it’s simply not enough to write a beautifully written piece of prose, a literary work of genius, a Booker prize-winning blog. If the science part of the business writing isn’t there, it won’t work as the powerful sales tool any company wants their business words to be.

The science or alchemy part of copywriting is “the mind worm” for the reader. The mind worm creates a memory of your business, a clear understanding of what your business can offer them. The alchemy part of business words is the secret ingredient that bubbles away in the brain and makes your business words more compelling, more attractive, more findable and far more informative and thus appealing to the reader. The science part of business words creates a clever connection with the reader, so they remember your business, they are attracted to your business and most importantly they know what your business does for them. For example, when you are writing an essay, a conclusion is added at the end. The conclusion is the compelling part of the argument it is the “mic drop” moment – the main sell on what you have written. That’s all well and good in essay writing, but for business words, the mic drop moment, the sell, the hook for the entire blog, sales email or press release needs to be written at the beginning. And not only the beginning, but in the very first sentence. Right from the first word, a good copywriter will mix literary genius with the science of business words for the human reader. Because don’t forget you have another reader to all your business words, the hidden reader, the forgotten reader. Google. So not only do you have to appeal to humans and Google algorithms, but you have to make it all a darn good read. Phew, it’s a good job we’re experts in business writing alchemy.