Blog, blog, and blog some more. Blogging is not the future, it’s the now. It talks directly to your audience, it’s great for SEO and the more you blog the more you will be viewed as a trusted source, it aids visibility, brand awareness, and customer retention, and it can help gain more business. And really, who doesn’t want more business?

Your blog, your website, and your social media is the online face of your business, if you have one of these it’s vital to have the other. Blogs used to be the reserve of niche businesses, those days are long gone. Now everyone reads, and blogging has become a vital tool in online marketing.

Blog once a week, there is no point in getting all excited blogging for a few weeks and disappearing, blogs are not just for October they are for life! A weekly blog is what will get you noticed, it what will get you followers and it’s what will gain you, customers.

But wait, blogging for business is not as simple as writing 400 -550 words every week. It doesn’t matter how funny, engaging or beautifully written it your blog is if it doesn’t contain keywords, keyword themes or have a killer headline. A business blog has to be all of these things above and it needs to speak directly to the reader. If your company sells widgets, thingamajigs or pizza, don’t talk about them, unless that is what your customer is searching for – instead talk about why your readers need your thingamajigs more than anyone else’s, why they need your company and how your thingamabobs will aid them.

400-550 words sounds like a lot doesn’t it? But it’s not really, by this word here – the count is 241 words – gosh we’re already halfway through. Most people only read 300 – that’s the amount of time it takes for the kettle to boil. But if your blog to aid with SEO then google likes words – the more the merrier, so aim for 550.

Sitting down to write your business blog can be daunting, you already know it has to be a fabulous read and embedded with your business keywords but what to write about stumps so many. If you are stuck for ideas, a really good go to is keyword themes, this is what your customers are currently searching for, what they need and what would lead them to your company. Go to google and search keyword themes and get a list from there. Or visit twitter, see what’s trending and see if you can find your business story within it. Once you have written a few words, or a sentence or two the rest should flow.

We specialise in business blogs, and we have expertise in writing for many different industries from travel to hospitality, steel engineering to finance, legal, and ……! So, if you want to chat about your weekly business blog contact today and give your business blog the professional touch.