So often I find myself defending the written word. So many people think print is dead, that nobody reads, and that quality writing went out of style not long after Jules Verne and Tolkien were last published. In the modern age, in the business world – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Words are now, perhaps more than ever vital to a business. You see, everybody reads. I had to encourage a client the other day to not pick up their phone on the train home. They looked aghast at the mere suggestion that they leave their phone in their pocket for a few minutes and observe everybody around them…. reading. Also, the fact that I had to persuade them not to read their phone even for a minute further demonstrated my argument, that everyone reads. So again, why do your business words have to be so well written? Because in a sea of words, your business words have to stand out, they have to appeal, enchant and encourage the reader. They have to speak your business story succinctly, purposefully and leave the reader without a shadow of doubt that your business is the business they need.

I’m fascinated by words, I carry a notebook to jot down new words, original ways to string them together and innovative ways to approach business words. Words for me are like art to an art lover. Since my earliest memory I have loved words. I have been entranced by the power of a simple string of words to the full-blown classic novel. Words can change the way you think, they can empower or tear you down. A simple stroke of a pen can both start and end world wars. The same pen can also write a company slogan so powerful it can launch a global brand. It is only natural then that I would build my life around the written word, from journalism to becoming an editor, from blogging to tweeting. Creating Honest Cat Content Services was my way of transferring a love of words into a service, so I can help my client’s business word count.

Naturally, in a business meeting I often get asked why me, why Honest Cat Content Services, why will my journalist led copywriting agency be good for a company’s business words? My answer is simple, why ever would you go elsewhere? I set up my business for the love of words, for the love of writing business words and for the love of creating compelling quality copywriting. And everyone within Honest Cat Content Services feels exactly the same. What business wouldn’t benefit from outsourcing their copywriting to a business who loves words as much as us?