Blogs are a great way to speak directly to your customer base, to present yourself as a trusted expert and to grow your business.

As we discussed a few ideas today on blog ideas, with latest trends, hot topics etc being found on twitter, you can either write a single blog or create a series of blogs as you follow a story.

While writing your blog remember to include all your “keywords” so you are more easily findable for your intended audience

A blog should be around 300 – 550 words, and no more than 5 paragraphs. As a general rule set the blog in 3 sections, first section the problem, second section the solution to the problem and thirdly in a very soft sell, how your business can help. Your first paragraph needs to be a snappy introduction of what you are about to discuss – and end the blog with an open question. Once people start leaving comments for you and talking to you, you will be surprised to find that many of the comments will give you future blog ideas! 

Blogs can also be grouped together to form a monthly newsletter. In turn, a blog can be split up, it can have quotes lifted from it for your tweets and even the headlines can be used across social media too!

Top Tips for blogs

1, Have a dedicated place on your business website that will host your blog – all blogs need to be posted here first, then the link put across your social media, Facebook is easy as it will capture your image, however for Linkedin and twitter you will have to post the image as well as the link as a separate file within the same post. You can advertise your blog on Instagram and tell people to follow the link in your bio to read it – I have created a few adverts for weekly blogs for this purpose for Instagram  – which makes it super quick and easy to post as Canva keeps all your designs.

2, for speed, revisit old blogs and editorial that’s been written by the company in the past, bring them up to date by including the latest industry truths and your keywords.

3, when writing your blog remember why you are doing it, what’s its purpose – and most of all write with passion!!!

The reason why blogs for business works is this;

  • regular blogs help to establish your business as a trusted expert within your field
  • blogs established you as a helpful expert – humans react and interact better when they identify a human or business as helpful, blogs will aid this.
  • to gain a higher ranking on search engines

4, include in your blog and title for your blog as many keywords as is appropriate for your personas.

5, don’t be afraid to use emotion and emotive language as you are speaking directly to the reader, express shock, outrage, happiness and joy – depending on the content. Think redtop newspapers, no you may not like them yourself, but their titles have been given the title “click bait” for a reason – people love clicking on the headline to find out what has been written. You too can emulate this by using emotive language be it positive or negative, this will make people click on your blog link.

6, Litter each blog and title with keyword themes so people in your industry and potential clients who are yet to learn about you can easily find you.

7, Blog headlines for business are most one of two things, useful or emotional – either title style will gain more clicks.

8, Blog about your industry hot topics and attach an emotion.

9, Always attach an image to your blog. Find an image that is provocative and catches the essence of your blog.