I could leave it there, but that’s not much of a sell or an explanation is it? I get asked lots of times about newsletters, not only if they are still good for business but how often they should be sent. In short, newsletters are still excellent and relevant for business, they keep in contact with customers, they inspire customer loyalty and they keep customers up to date too, not only with what and how the business is doing but with tailored offers. You can send them out weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on the content. What’s not to like?

These days companies get a bit jittery about emailing clients, now that GDPR has happened customers are empowered against the SPAM.  So, don’t view GDPR as a pain in the …….. see it as a positive move for marketing, no longer are company emails and newsletters lost in the sea of the daily email SPAM machine. Those who opt in or agree to emails are far more favourable to receiving them as ever before. So as long as a business has an agreement from a reader/subscriber about emails and newsletters, and you give them the option to opt out at the end of every email – then newsletters are a go! Think about it, this year customers have been merrily opting out of unwanted emails left right and centre, less and less spam has been dropping into email boxes across the land. In the past, a business newsletter may have been lost – but now, it will be one of the few. Customers who have agreed to receive emails will notice them and more importantly, open them.

So yes, newsletters are not just good for business they are pretty darn fabulous really. And what makes them even better is that you can use your weekly blog to make up the newsletter – so all you need to do is add a snappy introduction to your newsletter, a few images, and a monthly offer – if indeed you have one.

I mention blogs because naturally, your business has one……………..

To talk more about newsletters and if they would be good for your business get in touch.