Honest Cat Content Services is a journalist led copywriting agency. We create the written word for the modern business world.

In the business world, where trust is currency, every company needs to harness their written content and treat each word as the powerful sales tool it is.

That’s where Honest Cat Content Services comes in. A journalist-led copywriting agency, we are the literary juggernauts, the heavyweights in professional prose, the spin doctors of the written word. Every word we write is crafted by seasoned journalists and editors who are experts at creating high quality, innovative, original content to convey your message and engage with potential buyers, consumers and staff members.

We work with many businesses from finance to hospitality, from big industry to sports, food and travel and many in between, providing a whole spectrum of copy from website wording and press releases to emails and newsletters, blogs and press packs, tweets, and slogans. In short, we can provide every written word for your company.

We specialise in providing crisp, innovate and engaging copywriting which is as scientific as it is creative. We understand that no two brands are the same, so Honest Cat Content Services works closely with each individual brand to find the best wording for them. We get to know their brand, audience, key messages, aims and what makes them tick so we can create business words that target and appeal to both current and future clients.

So, if you’re looking to outsource your copywriting needs, look no further than Honest Cat Content Services, your business words are safe in our hands.


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